The OwlsNest at ManorVail

Welcome to Vail, friends! We're excited you are coming, and we hope these instructions help you make the most of your visit.

Manor Vail Lodge
595 East Vail Valley Drive, Vail, CO, 81657
Unit # 460
Front desk: (970) 476-5000
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Unloading Look for the lighted Manor Vail sign and turn left into the complex (if coming from the center of Vail). Stop at the gate if it's closed, press the call button on the left, and the staff will let you in.

Park in the circular drive and stop at the check in desk in lobby. They will give you a key card that will allow access to both the unit and parking garage. Each person should have their own key card during their stay. The front desk should also give you a parking pass for your vehicle dashboard.

Depending on the amount of luggage you have, it may be easier to unload now so you can use the luggage carts to take your belongings up. When exiting the lobby, take the sidewalk to the right to Elevator 6 (first archway). Note, the sign by the door says 461 rather than 460. Head inside the elevator and go up to 4. When the elevator opens, the inner door may or not be open. If closed and locked, punch in code 3184, turn the deadbolt, and you're in!

If your skis are accessible, this is a good time to take them into the lobby and get them registered with the ski valet. The staff at the podium on the left as you enter should be able to help you with this. The ski valet team will tag your skis and have them out on the snow next to the Riva Bahn Lift at the blue Vail tent by 8AM each day and will put them away by 5PM. (Note: In the early season, before the Riva Bahn lift is open for the season, they do not have the ski valet. See below about ski lockers).

Parking You can park anywhere in the garage. If the garage is busy, you can park in our two assigned spaces (Park Place, #13 & #14). They are at the lowest level of the garage and are labeled "Hutchinson". You'll see a "Private Parking" sign and/or "Park Place" sign under another gate when you reach the lowest level. Keep the key card handy as you'll need it to enter the garage and again to enter the lowest level. If parked in one of the assigned spaces, take the elevator next to parking space G and exit to the left. Walk back outside along the sidewalk (you'll see the pool on your left) and continue to the second archway to access the correct elevator.
Skis + Equipment See above regarding ski valet. They will take care of your skis, but not poles. Please put your poles in ski locker 460, which is in the archway just to the right as you exit the exterior door after getting out of the elevator on the ground level. The code for the ski locker is 0460. Boots and helmets, etc. you can store in the unit. We have some extra hats, balaclavas, kids' mittens, etc. in the helmet storage area. There are hand warmers, toe warmers, and sunscreen on the bar near the entry. (Note: if the ski locker is full with our skis, feel free to bring your poles up to the unit).

If you need to rent skis, the in-house company is Epic Mountain Rentals. If you register in advance and rent through the links from the Manor Vail website, there's a 20% discount. You can have the skis brought to you or pick them up at the Golden Peak base.

Another great option for rentals is Buzz's Boards, located at 302 Gore Creek Drive.

Your stay

Wi-Fi SSID: MV460
Password: OwlsNest5
Climate Control At times, the unit (especially upstairs) runs warm, even in winter. It's okay to use the A/C if you need to. Control it from the thermostats in the corresponding rooms or from one of the touchscreens near the entry or by the kitchen. If that's not enough, the best way to cool things down if it's too hot is to just open the patio door(s) for a little while. We often leave some of the upper windows open for extended periods, so feel free to do that.
TVs There is an ipad in the family room and phones in the bedroom for use as remotes. The password is 460460. Use the red control4 app as a remote to control the TVs, music, etc. There is cable & AppleTV in the living room. We are signed into Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. In the loft, there's Apple TV and video games. In the bedrooms, just Apple TV. Use the "room off" button at the top of the remote to turn the TV off. The system isn't perfect and often has bugs, so apologies if something doesn't work. Please let us know so we can try to fix it.
Voice Assistance There's an echo spot in the kitchen if you want to use it. Just do us a favor and don't order anything, ha! Feel free to unplug it as well if you prefer not to have Alexa around.
Cameras The cameras you may notice in the hallways and living room are from the old owners and they don't work. We promise we are not watching you!!
Food + Drink Help yourself to anything in the pantry, fridge, and drink/wine fridges. We have basics like condiments, butter, syrup, baking items, spices, etc. and lots of random snacks; other stuff is hit or miss depending on how long it's been since we've been there. If something gets used up, please let me know so I can replenish. The kitchen is well stocked with cookware, gadgets, etc. if you want to cook.

If you need more groceries, there are a few options:

  • The Market at Vail: small grocery store in Lionshead that will probably have most of what you'll need but at a price. Walk (1.2 miles) or take the free Vail Intown Bus over there (stop is just across the street at Golden Peak). You could also drive and park in the Lionshead Garage, it's free for less then 1 hour or after 4 p.m.
  • Safeway and City Market: near each other a few miles away in West Vail. You could take another free bus, but it would probably take you a while - better to drive. Bus brochure on the bar if needed. City Market has a liquor store in the same building, Safeway has one in the same parking lot.
  • Ski Country Grocer: if you are a planner . and would like your groceries delivered. We are not, so we have not used them yet.

Stove: it takes a bit longer than usual to get the gas flowing so you must hold the knob in for a few extra seconds before letting go for the stove to turn on properly. Igniter on the far-right burner is broken, but if you push in another knob at the same time as the right hand one, it will work to ignite.

Oven: Right side is a convection oven, so adjust accordingly if you decide to use that one. Left side is multi-function; for a typical oven setting, turn the knob to the picture of a square with a bar on the top and bottom. Set the temp with the knob just to the left of the setting knob. There are pans in the bottom right storage drawer that looks like it's part of the oven. Top left is a broiler.

If you don't care to deal with all that, The Fitz restaurant and bar is above the lobby. You can get to it without going outside if you take the elevator to 3, walk to the end of the hall and head down the stairs. There's a new restaurant, Ridge + River, in the building as well, but we haven't tried it yet.

I highly recommend Second Nature Gourmet for amazing meals delivered right to the condo. They deliver twice weekly to our area, and you have to order a few days in advance. We especially love the family taco dinner and the green chile chicken enchilada casserole.

Trash + Recycling Trash in the trash can (sort of hidden - it's in a pull-out cabinet to the right of the sink), mixed recycling (cans, bottles, cardboard, paper, plastic) in a paper bag or cardboard box (blue plastic container at the end of the kitchen counter). When you want it picked up and also when you depart, please put it in the back stairway (out the door across from the family room TV, out the next fire door in the hall and you are in the stairway). See photos below. Pro tip: leave the doors open or bring your key - don't get locked out!
Toiletries All the bathrooms have shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc., so if you aren't picky you should have what you need. Feel free to poke around in the drawers for other needs as we have just about everything (extra toothbrushes, nail clippers, lotion, band-aids, etc.). If you don't see what you need in one bathroom look around in the others. There are extras of some things as well as first-aid type supplies under the powder room sink.
Linens There are extra towels in most of the bathrooms under the sink. There are also extras in the master closet. There is an extra set of sheets for each bed in the closet of the corresponding room.
Laundry We have a washer and dryer in the unit and the laundry room is stocked with detergent and dryer sheets.
Guest book We would love for you to leave a short note (or a long one!) about your stay. It's fun for us to look back on who's been here!
Spa + Fitness center Located on the ground level. Your key will get you in. The spa has a co-ed sauna and steam room that is open to all guests; no need to purchase a spa service to use it. If you wish to book a service, check out or call (970) 674-7977. There is an owner/ guest of owner discount, so make sure you ask for that! Note that they add 20% auto-gratuity.
Pool Bring your swimsuit! There are 2 pools with hot tubs on the property. We usually go to the one you can see out the window from the unit, but the other pool was recently renovated, so take your pick. The entire pool is heated to hot tub temps during the winter and it's amazing. There are pool towels in the little elevator building next to the pool so please use them and do not bring our towels down to the pools (they are ours, not the resort's, so we'd never get them back). Do feel free to use the robes and crocs on your way to and from the pool and to the spa!


Check-out + Departure Please strip the beds and leave the sheets on the bed or floor of the same room. Used towels and robes can go in a pile on the laundry room floor.

Please put all trash and recycling in the back stairwell (out family room door, across the hall and out the other door). Don't get locked out in the stairwell or you'll have to go down the stairs to the 3rd floor hallway, down to the lobby, and get a new key!

The key card will probably stop working at 11AM. If you want to stay later, just let the front desk know (but you'll have to go down there so they can reprogram the key).

When you do leave, please let the front desk know of your departure and turn in your card keys for reuse.

Lastly, please, NO smoking of any kind in our home. Consume all the inebrients you can (safely) tolerate, just don't smoke.

Useful Links

Trail Maps Ski Country Grocer Second Nature Gourmet Colorado Department of Transportation Manor Vail

Have an amazing stay!

Call, text, or email if you have any questions or run in to problems!